Eight Abigails

Eight Abigails (excerpt) premiered as a 20-minute work at On the Board’s NW New Works Festival June 2017. The full evening-length version premiered at Velocity Dance Center November 10-12, 2017.

This work is made possible by funding from 4Culture and has been supported by the Base Subsidy Program.


Exploring the Politics of Fear: The Crucible and Eight Abigails on Deconstruct Collective

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Part of Eight Abigails is an educational program for high schoolers combining dance and literature. For lesson plan and resources for educators, CLICK HERE.

Reimagining the villain from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: A dance about a teenage girl teetering on the edge of sanity, survival, and insurgency.


Britt Karhoff

Danica Bito

Anna Krupp

Tayler Tucker

Erin Johnson

Jenny Peterson

Alexandra Spencer

Hannah Rae

Live original music by Michael Hamm

Photo: Jenny Peterson

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