Kaitlin McCarthy is a dance artist operating in Seattle, WA since 2010.

She grew up dancing in Ann Arbor, Michigan and continued dancing on the East coast, where she graduated summa cum laude from Mt Holyoke College. In Seattle she has danced with over a dozen local artists and has choreographed work for Velocity Dance Center, On the Boards, Evoke Productions, BOOST Dance Festival, SOIL Gallery, SIDF, and several self-produced shows, including HOT MESS and Eight Abigails.

Improvisation and experimentation are driving forces in her work, guided by intuition, intellectualism, and a midwestern work ethic.

Kaitlin is a member of the Seattle Contact Improvisation Lab, teaches dance at Velocity, and is the Editor for SeattleDances. As a freelance writer she has published over 100 articles for City Arts Magazine and SeattleDances.

She regularly dances with Alice Gosti and collaborates with Jenny Peterson, among others.

Photo: Jim Coleman

Contact: kaitmccarthy(at)gmail.com