As a freelance dancer, I have worked with over a dozen choreographers in the Seattle area since 2010, toured nationally and internationally, as well as performed in works of my own creation.

Since 2014 I have worked closely with choreographer Alice Gosti, becoming a founding member of her company, MALACARNE, established 2018.

Performed MALACARNE works include:
How to Become a Partisan (2015)
Bodies of Water (2016)
Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture (2018)
Come Diventare un Partigiano (2018)
Perpetual Vessels (2019)
This is Concrete I (2021)
This is Concrete II (2022)

Photo credit, in order: Absaslom Shantz, Tim Summers, Taylor Jones, Absaslom Shantz, Nikolai Lesnikov, Logan Sayles, Jim Coleman, Kate Hailey, Jim Coleman.

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