The Bonnies

Kaitlin McCarthy and Jenny Peterson have been making strange performance works together in Seattle, WA since 2013. Together as “The Bonnies” they gravitate to the grotesque/off-kilter/marvelous like moths to the flame. The Bonnies have performed at WET’s Six-Pack Series, Velocity’s Fall Kick Off, OTB’s Open Studio, NextFest 2022, Boost Dance Festival, NEPO 5k, Seattle International Dance Festival, Chloe & Co’s DROVE XII and X, and other self-produced performances and underground art salons.

the bunnies from Jenny Peterson on Vimeo.

The Bunnies
Responding to the prompt “human and animal greeting rituals”
Commissioned by Chloe & Co Dance
Videography by Kate Hailey
Original music by Jenny Peterson and Kaitlin McCarthy
All rights reserved

2019 Bonnies Sideshow from Kaitlin McCarthy on Vimeo.

Commissioned by Chloe & Co Dance
Music: Dill Pickles by Charles L. Johnson and WakeUp by Neil Rolnic
All rights reserved. Video by Devin Muñoz.

Umbilical (Abridged) from Kaitlin McCarthy on Vimeo.

Umbilical (abridged)
Selections have been chosen to give a general sense of the elements and arc of the piece.
Commissioned by BOOST Dance Festival
This work was formerly billed as “Papoose” in reference to the Algonquin word for a baby carrier. After further consideration we believe usage of this word without proper context was in error and have updated the name to better reflect our cultural heritage.
All rights reserved. Video by Val Vozza.

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