Dear Students,

This is an update that is long overdue, because I kept putting it off, because I didn’t want to write it. Reflecting a decision that I also kept putting off, because I didn’t want to make it. The cliff notes version is that I’m not returning to teaching this fall as I had hoped, and that I will reevaluate again come January 2022.

Earlier this year, even just a month ago, I was anticipating returning to teach in person this fall. I taught an AWESOME group of intro students through Velocity’s SFD+I summer festival. I was really excited about some new class material and it was amazing to be back in person again. But then there was Delta. My own risk for serious illness is low, but with a kiddo at home who can’t be vaccinated yet, it changes the risk calculation. Velocity has likewise decided to stick to virtual classes only for the fall semester. Thanks to everyone who has done their part to get vaccinated and distance, so that there’s less opportunity for this virus to create more dangerous mutations.

Teaching over Zoom last fall and spring was actually quite wonderful and while I missed dancing in person, I still loved connecting with my students (thanks to those regulars who showed up week after week!) and moving my body with you all. This was so helpful to me throughout lockdown. Ultimately the decision not to continue with zoom classes was another intersection with parenthood. At only 3-6 students a class, and with childcare costs, it’s fiscally hard to justify. Pre-Fred I would have been happy to donate my time, but I am so time-constrained at the moment that I feel like I am treading water just to keep up with dinner and laundry, and adding just one more thing can overwhelm me. I’m starting up some regular part-time childcare that hopefully will mean I can return to teaching sooner rather than later.

This is not a happy decision for me, because teaching is so important to me and my identity. Teaching beginners the past 6 years at Velocity has been a dream job. I have met the most incredible students and the thought of not seeing them regularly, still, breaks my heart. But I WILL be back and I hope you all find a place to keep dancing until then! For those who appreciate the digital format, Alice Gosti is continuing her online Beginning Modern class on Friday mornings through Velocity. Exit Space has also taken over the old Velocity building on 12th (now NOD Theater) and they are doing in-person ballet and modern classes both at that location and at their other Northside location.

Wishing you heart and health!

About Kaitlin’s teaching

As a teaching artist with Velocity Dance Center, Kaitlin has specialized in working with beginning and intermediate adults since 2014, and prides herself on bringing safe practices, down-to-earth vibes, and the joy of dance to the classroom.


Classes are drop in, but you must register at least 10 minutes in advance through the Velocity website.

Reciprocity Practice: Good Morning Modern! 
Saturdays 9am-10:15am PST, starting Jan 9th. No class Feb 27.

This beginning level modern class will get you up and moving in your living room. Warm up is a mix of easy-to-follow-along exercises to build heat, and technical combinations to get mind and body moving together. Class is rooted in classical modern technique with contemporary flair, building toward a new combination each week that gives students tools for learning choreography and inviting artistic expression. An enlivening start to your weekend!

Reciprocity Practice: Open-Level Ballet Barre
Sundays 2:30pm-4:00pm PST, starting Jan 10th. No class Feb 28.

Give your body and ballet practice a little extra love at the barre! This class will gradually build strength and speed in and upbeat, come-as-you-are environment, with plenty of rich plies and gooey tendus included. This back-to-basics class is appropriate for students with a solid grasp of foundational ballet steps, and adaptations suggested to suit the goals of more advanced students. Extended barre practice will culminate in a stretch sequence plus one or two floor exercises to integrate the day’s lesson. Keep tuned in to your body from home during these dark winter months!

My historical in-person class schedule (Beginning Modern on Saturday , Beginning Ballet on Sundays, and Low-Intermediate Ballet on Monday evenings) is currently on hold until pandemic conditions permit regular classes.

Photo by Jim Coleman.

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